5 Durable Electronic Arc Lighters to Buy in 2017

Electronic arc lighter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for easy to use lighters. The electronic arc lighter is USB-powered, and it is butane free. With just a single click, you get either a single or double beam. The flame is hotter than that of an actual fire. The lighter works by producing a short electrical arc. The arc is short, but you can bet it is hotter than the traditional flame. Some of the best-rated electronic arc lighters in 2017 include:

Fusion Bamboo

This is a dual beam crossover arc flame-less plasma beam lighter. It is rechargeable. It is easy and quick to use with an auto-off safety which automatically stops the arc after 5 seconds. It is efficient as you can recharge it with USB and also, the electric arc lighter is wind resistant and does not use fluid or gas making it safe even around kids. It has a lithium-ion battery encased in zinc-alloy protection. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a warranty.

Fusion Spectrum

Fusion spectrum lighter marks the end of your search for a rechargeable plasma lighter Canada. The plasma beam lighter does not require a flame, and it does not use any gas or fluid. It works by producing an electrical arc just with one click on the button. It is chargeable through USB, and you can recharge at anytime, anywhere, and you are ready to go. The fact that it does not use any flame makes it safe for the environment, economic and windproof.


The lighter produces plasma beam. It also provides broad and dual arc beams. It is rechargeable with USB, safe, efficient and windproof. It is a flame-less lighter that does not require refueling. It is economical and environmental friendly. This electric arc lighter is energy-saving whereby it gives up to 300 lights per charge and takes 75 minutes charge time to be fully charged. It has an extra safety feature which is an auto-off safety function that stops the arc after 5 seconds. The lighter is a quality you can count on. It features a lithium-ion battery protected in a zinc alloy encasement. The lighter is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Orbit Black

The Orbit, like all of our products, is rechargeable via USB, it is flame-less and produces scorching hot double beams. This little lighter can do anything that Fusion lighter do! It has a unique shape and casing that's small, discreet, and safe with its magnetic cap. It also features two led lights; one to indicate when the power is on or off and the other one to show if it is charging. Also, it is child and windproof. The plasma beam lighter is easy to clean and maintain and has a lifetime warranty. This plasma lighter Canada is rechargeable through USB which takes 75 minutes charge time, it can give up to 300 lights per charge, and it does not need refueling. It is also easy to maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Get these electronic arc lighters today and light your life and that of your family.

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