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Analog Spectrum

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Dual-beam, rechargeable, windproof electric lighter
Part Number: X-6003
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Oil Slick

Many colours in one depending on the angle you look at it! Our spectrum editions are definitely a crowd pleaser.

Check it out:

  • Windproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Lifetime warranty

Did we mention:
  • More portable version of our Fusion plasma lighters
  • Scorching hot dual-beams
  • Easy-to-clean and maintain
  • Up to 300 lights per charge
  • 75 minute charge time
The Analog model ELEKTRO Lighter features a lithium-ion battery in a zinc-alloy encasement - no more refueling! The dual-beam crossover arc containment is placed vertically atop the electric lighter, making it super easy to get a quick light. This model is complete with an auto-off safety function that stops the arc after 5 seconds. 

All ELEKTRO Lighters are backed by our lifetime warranty.

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