Top Five Popular Styles of USB Electric Lighters

Everyone knows that matches cannot stand wind and adverse weather condition. Of course, most people learn the hard way when they have to use disposable lighters on an outdoor secluded smoking space, or starting a campfire out in the open. Furthermore, since the lighters cannot be recycled and emit hydrocarbon fumes, they are environmentally unfriendly. It is in this regard at Elektro, we decided to simplify your life with exemplary Rechargeable Windproof Lighters. Below we will look at some unique USB Electric Lighters that you can use anywhere without any inconveniences.

1. Beam Utility BBQ Lighters

There is a new sheriff in town. Our new Beam Utility BBQ Lighters form the basis of electric rechargeable lighters and come in five unique colors to suit your taste and preference. Notably, the rechargeable windproof lighters come with a lifetime warranty and use a scorching single beam. It takes only 75 minutes to charge Lithium-ion battery and provides up to 300 light/charge. Say goodbye to refueling with the super cool Beam Utility BBQ Lighters.

2. Fusion Bamboo

With this rechargeable electric lighter, we will completely disregard the saying with smoke there is fire. The Fusion-wood model will not only serve the purpose of lighting but will also display your sense of fashion. The design integrates hot dual-beams and made in such a way that it is easy to clean and maintain. To be fully charged Fusion Bamboo takes 75 minutes and provide 300 light/charge. The Fusion model from Elektro comes with a lifetime warranty.

3. Fusion Gold

Experience a touch of class with the elegant Fusion Gold USB Electric Lighter. With the gold plated design, you will be able to overcome all adverse weather conditions and light a cigarette even in a storm. The rechargeable windproof lighter employs hot dual-beam and we have designed it in such a way it is easy to clean and maintain. The device is fitted with auto-off safety function that automatically stops the arc after five seconds. At Elektro, we will always back the model with a lifetime warranty; this should be a good reason to trust our products.

4. Orbit Gold

With this product, all that glitters is gold. Combining both elegance and functionality, the rechargeable windproof lighter will help you stand out of a crowd. The design can perform every task that Fusion lighters can do and much more. The exemplary feature is that it lights things mounted in a bowl easily. The stylish lighter can be mistaken for makeup product and has two LED lights indicating charging and the other indicating power. Furthermore, it has a switch at the bottom making it childproof not to mention the scorching hot dual beam that it employs in its operation. Just like the other model, the design is backed by a lifetime warranty.

5. Orbit Dark Matter

Are you in love with dark colors? At Elektro, we have you covered with the unique Orbit Dark Matter. The USB Electric Lighter has a super cool magnetic close function that is situated far back so as it does not get in the way of lighting. The model integrates a switch at the bottom making it childproof. The two LED lights on the side will help you to know when the battery is low, when it is charging and when it is powered. The design provides up to 300 lights/charge, it is easy to maintain not to mention it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

At Elektro, we just know what you need and when you need it.