Cool Gift: USB Flameless Lighter

Notably, matches are no match for adverse weather conditions such as strong wind and rainfall. To mitigate this problem, science has introduced flameless technology in USB Flameless Lighters. Flameless Cigarette Lighters come at a relatively low price. At Elektro Lighters, we come up with Exemplary USB rechargeable lighters for Canada. Moreover, our USB flameless lighters come in a variety of styles and colors ranging from Fusion Orbit, and Beam, all in multiple finish options to suit your unique taste and preference.

How do USB Flameless Lighter Work?

You probably assume for there to be a fire you require a fuel, a spark, and a flame. Our unique Flameless Cigarette Lighters have defied this common knowledge and do not integrate any of the three conditions in its working principle. You might be wondering how exactly it works.

Notably, the technology we use at Elektro Lighters dates back to a renowned scientist known as Nikola Tesla—Father of Alternating Current (AC). If you can recall your high school physics, about those Tesla coils that generated electricity then our lighters base their application on this principle and that is why some people refer to them as Tesla Lighters. Power from the lighters come from a tiny battery, which creates electromagnetic field leading to tiny plasma arcs of electricity that jump across the contact, and this is the place you put your cigarette and Alas! You light it without using a flame but electricity. The most important thing to note, the arcs of electricity are so small in magnitude, so you should not be scared of an electric shock.

Merits of Flameless Cigarettes Lighter

  • Rechargeable- Just like a mobile phone you're never without, the USB flameless lighters can be charged and can be used for approximately 300 lights per charge. Moreover, Electro Lighters take a short time to charge, approximately 75 minutes.
  • Allowed everywhere- Lighters that use flames are not allowed in some planes or must be checked into your luggage. However, with our USB flameless lighters, you can take them anywhere.
  • Environmental-Friendly- Since our lighters do not use butane and wasteful plastic-like disposable lighters that cannot be recycled, rather they employ current they are unique in conserving the environment. Furthermore, they do not produce harmful emissions from butane.
  • Lifetime Warranty- When buying our USB Flameless Lighters, you are assured of lifetime warranty. Additionally, since the designs integrate a rechargeable battery, this makes them efficient. Furthermore, you can charge them from the comfort of your home or hotel rooms and you will never worry about running out of fuel.

About Elektro Lighters.

We provide USB rechargeable lighters in Canada and we pride ourselves on quality lighters, which are environmentally friendly and comes with a lifetime warranty. At our organization, our customer's satisfaction is our priority that why we embrace research and development to come up with up to date technologies, to simplify your life. Therefore, if you want a hassle-free cigarette lighter our USB flameless lighters always does the trick.



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