Ditch the Match Box: Electronic Arc Lighters Ignite Prominently

Getting to Know the Electronic Arc Lighters, Why You Must Have One

Have you ever been tired of buying matches? It is quite easy to burn through matches within a short time. Nonetheless, purchasing replacements is not a huge responsibility. In fact, would you rather never have to worry about extra matches again? That is the reason behind the Canadian Plasma Beam Lighter. The plasma beam lighter or the electronic arc lighter only require electricity to run, and the cutting edge technology behind the lighter makes it long lasting.

The plasma lighter Canada functions on a simple principle. The plasma beam lighter or the electronic arc lighter produces a voltage between electrodes creating an electronic arc, and when current flows through the electrodes, air is ionized, and a plasmatic beam is created. The electric arc is responsible for lighting things like a regular match or lighter. Such technology has made the lighters a better choice than matches have.

Understanding the advantages of electric lighters/plasma lighters

Due to the ever-increasing technological changes, innovations have been in place to enhance the society today. In a world where things are portable, USB rechargeable and reusable, the days of using matches for everyday activities are long gone.

Some benefits of using electric lighters


These lighters do not produce any flame, and neither is a flame used in the utilization of the lighter. Furthermore, unlike conventional regular lighters that use butane and flame from matches, these lighters only rely on electricity, which is environmentally friendly. Upon pressing a button, you get instant heat. Such properties mean that the device is safer to use and carry at any given place.


With regular lighters or matches, the wind is a common problem. With the plasma or electronic arc lighter, the electric arc is not affected by wind as it is continuously lit


The futuristic nature is possible due to the USB technology that comes with it. Furthermore, it is durable, and you can use for a long time. You can charge the inbuilt battery as the device comes with a USB port for that purpose. The battery is lithium and irreplaceable for regular users. This means that counterfeits are prevented. Nonetheless, when the battery dies, you can find a replacement that is original to that of the manufacturer.

No plastic waste

Most regular lighters are usually disposable, and since plastics are difficult to degrade, they pose a major threat to the environment. Replacing your regular lighter with an electronic one saves you the problem of buying new ones each time, and this prevents plastic waste disposal. With an electronic arc lighter, you can use it repeatedly.

Has a wide range of uses

Various users can use the plasma beam lighter for various purposes. You can use it to light a candle, cigarette, pipes, cigars, and bowls.

At our company in Canada, you can buy a wide range of electronic lighter or plasma beam lighter at a cost that you can afford. Moreover, with the changing technological needs, you can be sure to get the best that technology has to offer as we regularly stock new lighters that come with even more advanced features.

Why spend too much cash on disposable lighters and matches while Electronic Arc Lighter is a cost-saving, more technologically stylish and are eco-friendly.

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