Electric Flameless Lighter are Eco-Friendly and USB Rechargeable for Geek Appeal

If you've used a traditional butane lighter, you know about lighter problems. However, in the 21st Century, shouldn't we be making smarter decisions about how to start fires? I've got three words for you – Electric Flameless Lighter.

Everyone has a horror story – "I tried to relax with a candle, and my only lighter went out," or "It took me 10 minutes to get a cig lit in that wind." Heaven forbids you're one of the poor souls that have been affected by a butane lighter explosion. While some may say that the future freaks them out, smokers, candle lovers and barbecue grillers, alike, are happy to see that the future has actually solved our five biggest lighter problems – here's how!

You won't be left flicking in the wind

We all know the frustration. You may cup your hand this way or turn your body that way, but the wind will find your flame and put it out, every time. Wind doesn't care how badly you need to relax – it just wants to put a damper on your smoke break. So, how do we solve this problem in the future?

Enter the Electric Flameless Lighter. The light from two scorching-hot beams of electrical energy reminds us more of a mini Taser than a lighter and cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. No flame, no flame to put out – get it?

A lighter that you can rely on

The invention of the USB Charging Lighter means you can feel confident that your lighter will be there for you when need it most. No more guesswork about how much fuel is left in your lighter or asking to buy one when you realize yours has finally run dry. With up to 300 lights on a single charge and USB charging capabilities, you can light until your heart is content, charge, and light some more. Don't get burned by a lighter that isn't there for you.

A friend to the environment

With billions of plastic lighters sold, yearly, imagine how that's contributing to our environment. Imagine a lighter that eliminates plastic waste, butane waste and won't end up in a landfill with other useless trash. Step into the future with a USB charging lighter that cares just as much about the planet as you do. Do us a favor, and throw a plastic lighter away for the last time.

Stand out when you step out

Some lighters try hard to be fashionable by offering multiple colors – boring! From a variety of patterns and colors to themed lighters, the high-tech zinc-alloy encasement provides a premium look and feel, while the multitude of designs allow you to show off your unique sense of style. Practical, fashionable and eco-friendly, what's not to love?

Making lighters safe again

Everyone knows somebody who's been affected by the issue of exploding lighters. Whether they were using it properly or not, the future solved this problem for us with flameless lighters that aren't a risk of blowing up and causing harm to you, your friends or your surroundings. Flameless lighters - it's the responsible choice.

Please, join us in the future, and make your lighter problems a thing of the past with a futuristic, eco-friendly and windproof electric flameless lighter!



Date 4/11/2021

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Date 4/19/2021

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