Flameless Rechargeable Lighter: 7 Reasons Why You Must Insist On One

We've all been there before. We were getting ready to light our favorite candle, prepare the perfect camping fire, or take that desperately needed cigarette break and our lighter decided to stop working. Thankfully, flameless rechargeable lighters have come on to the scene and have made those problems a thing of the past for all of us.


Some lighters claim to be "refillable", but let's be honest, who has a can of butane lying around their house? Flameless rechargeable lighters are extremely convenient. They store up to 300 lights on a single charge and are extremely easy to recharge. Just plug in a USB charger and get ready to have a fully loaded lighter again- just like your cell phone.


If you're sick of having to burn your hands just to keep that precious flame from going out, then it's time to move to the best windproof lighter. Traditional lighters simply can't survive the elements. The smallest amount of wind either puts your flame out or starts charring your fingers - ouch! Flameless lighters use dual-arc beams of energy that even the strongest winds can't snuff out.

More Efficient

How many times have bought a replacement lighter, only to lose it days later? Our lighters feature metal casing and are more durable, water resistant and have the capabilities to never run out of juice. This makes ours the best windproof lighters- way more efficient and cost-effective than traditional lighters. Buy one and you're done!


Every year, billions of butane plastic lighters are purchased and discarded into landfills because they can't be recycled. For something so small, they have a significant impact on the emissions in the air and our environment as a whole. Opt to light up with an electric cigarette lighter and reduce your carbon footprint and can you save you a ton of money all at once. After you use up all of your juice, simply plug it in with the provided USB cable you've got a brand new light.

Fun To Use

Let's be honest, dual-arc lighters are just fun to use. It's like using a taser on your cigarettes and unexpecting candles, only it's legal. This is one electric cigarette lighter that'll you the opportunity to express your personality. They also come in a variety of finishes and colors, and the heavy-duty zinc alloy encasement is stylish and durable.

Safer Than Traditional Lighters

As the name denotes, "flameless" lighters are much safer than traditional butane options. Lighter flames have the habit of bouncing around, especially in windy conditions, and cause burns. Rechargeable lighters use dual-arc beams which are extremely concentrated and don't bounce around. This makes them easy to control and considerably less likely to cause you harm.

Lifetime Warranty

We've all been trained to put little value on our lighters. This is because they're made of cheap plastic that can't even be recycled- and they're hardly designed to last longer than the amount of time it takes us to go through their fuel. When it comes to choosing a flameless lighter, look no further than Electro Lighters. We offer a lifetime on all of our rechargeable lighters. The warranty covers a one-time replacement of your lighter if it ever stops working for any reason down the road.

It's time to jump off the butane bandwagon and move to a safer, more efficient solution to all your lighting needs. Rechargeable lighters offer a slew of benefits that traditional lighters just can't offer, and with Electro Lighters' lifetime warranty, what do you have to lose?

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