How To Light A Fire With Best Barbecue Lighter

Grilling is a summer favorite. This is when you see people inviting friends over for get-together or reunions. It's that time of the year where people crave for mouth-watering grilled meats. However, as much as people enjoy this activity, it may be burdensome to those who don't own the Best Barbecue Lighter. To effectively light a fire, you will need the best refillable BBQ lighter in your backyard- one that doesn't need refilling at all! There's just no other way to get a stress-free grilling summer experience.

The Beam Utility Lighter

When you buy lighters online, Canada, look into the future at the Beam. It is by far the best barbecue lighter and the best refillable BBQ lighter in the market. Why? Because it's not refillable at all. 

How many times do you ever try to light a fire? 10 times? 20? And still, it doesn't work. You can completely eliminate that problem with the Beam Utility Lighter. This lighter has a single-beam arc strategically placed atop the device to make it extremely easy to get a light. It also has an auto-off function and a sliding button cover for safety.

Beam Lighters Cool Features

When it comes to grilling meats, this is the only ideal lighter. It comes in 3 different colors and the lighter resembles that of a laser. It looks elegant and cool. People who buy lighters online, Canada should look for this lighter and say hello to that delicious grilling experience. Here are some of its other features:

Not Your Ordinary Lighter

Unlike other lighters, the Beam is windproof. It's to ensure that whether it's the winter or spring, you can still light that fire and start grilling. So this lighter is ideal for all seasons - winter, summer, spring or fall. It always works.

USB Rechargeable

Using the Beam is highly convenient as you only need to charge the device and you can already use it. You can have up to 300 lights per charge. That's quite a number! If you use this lighter strictly for grilling, you can only charge once in the summer. Charge time is only 75 minutes. It's powered by the lithium-ion battery and no need for refueling.

Long-Neck Lighter

There's a reason this lighter looks different than most lighters. It has a long neck to ensure easy lighting of grills. Imagine using a short lighter and have your fingers burnt right after lighting it -- that's not going to happen with the Beam Utility Lighter.

You Get Lifetime Warranty

With each purchase, we assure you lifetime support for the Beam. Although we don't anticipate our users to encounter a problem with our lighters, it's still best to offer them a lifetime warranty on this device.

Not Just For Grilling

Although specifically designed for grilling, the Beam Plasma is also perfect for those camping trips or lighting fireplaces. With its windproof feature, you'll never have problems with this lighter when it's windy outdoors.

It's Scorching Hot

Another reason we designed a long-neck lighter is to protect your fingers from the fiery and the searing hotness of the Beam Plasma. Expect shorter grill times with this efficient lighter.

The Beam Plasma is also very easy to store and maintain. There's no need for a special storage for it. Just store it in a dry place and keep away from children.

The Beam is the Only Lighter You'll Ever Need

The best way to light a fire is to look for the perfect utility lighter. That's where the Beam lighter comes in. With each purchase, you get tons of features and benefits not other lighter manufacturers have offered. Give it a try and thank us later.



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