How to Choose Best Windproof Lighter in Canada

Everyone should have a lighter nearby at all times, regardless of whether you are a smoker or not. Many other situations may arise that you may need a source of light or fire. Having one in your pocket means you're ready for anything!

Long gone are the days of traditional lighters which used liquid butane as the flammable element that only produced a direct flame that was very unstable in windy conditions. Advanced technology has made it possible to develop ultra-modern windproof lighters that can withstand windy conditions.

Types of best windproof lighter in Canada

Electric windproof lighter, like our Elektro Lighters, are the best flameless lighters. They use an electric spark for ignition, a rechargeable power that doesn't contribute to the waste and negative of disposable or butane lighters. The lighter comprises two electrodes at the tip. When the electrodes are charged by electricity, the air between them ionizes forming a heat producing arc. Dual arc lighters are ones which have four electrodes at the tip which produce two arcs when engaged. 

A windproof gas lighter; this type of lighter uses the same fuel as the standard lighter. The difference, however, is the type of flame produced. The best windproof lighter works through high pressure making it resistant to wind. The lighter fuel is released at a high-pressure stream, ignited through a spark giving off a high pressure concentrated flame that maintains its stability even through windy conditions. It is made of high-quality materials with the tank reinforced to protect against fuel evaporation.

Windproof oil lighter; this lighter works similarly to the windproof gas lighter. The difference is that the combustible fuel in the oil lighter is kerosene, zippo fluid or petrol. It burns through fuel fast and is also prone to the fuel evaporating over time and therefore requires constant refills.

How to choose the best windproof lighter in Canada

There are various factors to take into consideration when choosing a windproof lighter in Canada including:

Design; the windproof lighter should be aesthetically pleasing regarding its design. Apart from this, it should be able to withstand climatic conditions like rain, storm, etc. meaning it should be made of a waterproof material, should be easily refillable, as well as be easy to carry around.

Quality; a good windproof lighter should be made of a durable quality material that can withstand impact and weight easily. This ensures a prolonged usability.

Durability and reliability; there are many climatic or emergency situations that you may find yourself in that require a source of heat promptly. Your chosen lighter should be able to function within the shortest time possible as well as store fluid efficiently. You should be able to use it with minimal strain, hands-free or with one hand and it should also be resistant to the surrounding elements, e.g., water, rust, heat, etc. With most of them priced affordably, it is safer to stock up on different types of windproof lighters to be on the safer side in case of anything unforeseen.

With the above information in mind, it is now easy to make a decision when choosing the best windproof lighter in Canada.

At Elektro Lighters, we offer electric arc lighters which do not need butane to function like the traditional ones. They are also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Being eco-friendly, it means that they are recyclable, reusable, rechargeable and less wasteful with no butane bottles, flints, and. Therefore, if you are keen on protecting the environment, you should consider buying our electric arc lighters.

Contact us today and enjoy using our superior and reliable lighters.

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