Plasma Lighter Canada: 6 Reasons Why These Lighters Are Awesome

Technology is rapidly evolving, and consequently, there are numerous innovations that have come up to enhance the lives of the modern day society. In a world where almost everything is reusable, rechargable, and portable, it is uncommon to find people using matches to light up their cigarettes or for any other purpose. For instance, the use of plasma lighters in Canada are steadily replacing the flame based lighters. This is a smart device whose use is making a significant difference on daily life, and becoming popular in the lighters markets. This can be attributed to its convenience and superiors features that are valued by many. Below is a rundown of six reasons why these lighters are awesome.

Plasma Lighters are Easily Rechargeable

If you have used butane lighters, you probably know how difficult refilling it can be. To refill butane lighter, you need a special container with a special liquid, which may not always be available, and is highly flammable and many consider risky to keep around the house. On the other hand, to plasma arc lighters are battery powered, and all you need is a socket and an appropriate cable to recharge it. It takes only 75 minutes to recharge fully, and it can be ignited up to 300 times per full charged.

Plasma Lighters are Clean

Our plasma lighters in Canada are becoming known for its potential to reduce carbon emission and plastic disposables. Unlike disposable lighters which cannot be recycled, electric lighters can be recycled. And unlike butane lighters, which emit fumes to the environment, electric arc lighters use electrical energy which is absolutely clean. Thus, if you care about the environment, getting a plasma beam lighter would is an awesome way to do your part in protecting the planet.

Plasma Lighters are Safe

A butane lighter is just small containers with a highly flammable gas. It can break, or spill, leading to an unfortunate accident. Electric arc lighters are known to very safe. In fact, these lighters are so safe that they can be allowed in planes. Thus, you don't have to worry about airport authority when traveling with your plasma beam lighter.

Plasma Lighters Come With a Warranty

Electric Arc Lighters are also known for durability. In fact, our Elektro Lighters come with a lifetime warranty. In other words, you won't have to think about buying another lighter any time soon after investing in your first plasma lighter.

Plasma Lighters are Windproof

Unlike match or butane lighters which produce a flame that can be difficult to sustain in a windy environment, plasma lighters produce an electric beam. Thus, it cannot be affected by the wind, and you can use your plasma beam lighter even in a windy outdoors environment.

Plasma Lighters are Cost Effective

If you use disposable lighters, you will have to buy a lighter every time you dispose of (or let's be honest, lose) one. Replacing, or refilling butane lighters also costs a significant amount of money. The cost of recharging a rechargeable electric lighter is insignificant compared to the sum of replacing and refilling lesser lighters. Thus, if you are looking for a more cost-effective lighter, plasma lighter is the answer.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that electric lighters are very convenient devices known for safety, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and many more great features that set them apart from the conventional lighters. In a nutshell, a plasma lighter is an awesome gadget to have around the house, or in your pocket.

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