USB rechargeable lighters have been growing in popularity in the past couple of years due to their convenience as well as their economic footprint. There are many benefits associated with rechargeable lighters, Flameless Cigarette Lighters, and dual arc lighters not only in their ecological impact but also in their performance.

USB rechargeable cigarette lighters are powered by just that – USB ports. In a world where many of our electronics from televisions to computers are fixed with a USB port, you'll be able to recharge your lighter on a whim. No longer do you need to refill a butane lighter, which is a process in itself. You can skip the technical know-how of butane lighters and the need for specific fluids with an electric cigarette lighter.

Flameless lighters create heat generated by electricity. Instead of matches that fail under windy situations, these lighters are windproof, keeping the flame alive even in the most challenging settings. Instead of a fire, an electric beam is created. Thus, whether you want to light a cigarette or a campfire in a windy situation, a USB flameless cigarette lighter has been heralded for its convenience and performance.

Dual arc lighters are also a new feature. These are built with four electrodes, which make use of our dual arc technology. These lighters are suitable for everything from cigarettes, cigars, pipes or bowls, grills, incense, and candles. It uses a criss-cross design that is instantly activated by the power button.

Regardless if you are using a rechargeable lighter, flameless cigarette lighter, or a dual arc lighter, these items are safer to use and helps you save money. Even though butane lighters still has its uses, they can break, spill, and are a hazard.

The Fusion Pineapple Express

Our new Fusion Pineapple Express is a laid-back, chill dual arc lighter that is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Since it is designed with dual arcs, Pineapple Express is windproof. We are so sure that you'll enjoy the USB rechargeable lighter that there is a lifetime warranty attached to it.

Unlike a butane lighter, the Pineapple Express is easy to clean and maintain. All of this technology is enclosed in a zinc alloy encasement, with a crossover arc compartment for quick and easy light. This particular model has an auto shut off function that stops the arc after around 8 seconds – more than enough to get the heat that you need.

About The Fusion

The Fusion blends classic flip top lighter design with the high tech of our rechargeable lighters. It features a lithium-ion battery within in the encasement, which is designed for more than 300 lights per charge.

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