The Perfect Gift - Engraved Fancy Cigarette Lighters

Today, people are buying unique gifts. Presents that reflect special moments- and if they're useful, all the better. Our new line of engraved lighters make memorable, fanciful gifts while still being super useful in the giftee's everyday. The engravings in your Fancy Cigarette Lighter make them feel unique.

Create great moments with excellent performance. Our fancy cigarette lighters do much more than that- candles, around the house, and so much more, and all are eco-friendly.

You can always count on these Elektro's line of fancy cigarette lighters, electric candle lighters, and BBQ torch lighters for a clean and safe environment. Most of you go through a hard time when you want to use the lighter in a windy place, but thanks to our environmentally friendly dual beams, that's a thing of the past- they're totally windproof, USB rechargeable, and plastic free!

Our new Engraved Fusions:

This is our Fusion style- a blend of old and new, and form & function.

Pineapple Express

Invite an ambiance of #beachvibes with the Pineapple Express. As you enjoy the windproof capabilities of the lighter, reflect on the aloha and goodbye of this elegant pineapple engraving on our shining gold finish.

The Pineapple Express goes beyond art form. It's also a function- exceptional performance. Charging in about seventy-five minutes, via USB recharge. This lighter is convenient to use. Enjoy beautiful times with the cigarette lighter that has sizzling hot dual-beams. Concerning reliability, you can never go wrong with rechargeable. It has functional lithium-ion battery meaning you can charge and store it for future use.

Star Fox Lighter

A cool present with a futuristic fox. As the Pineapple Express, you can use the light in the presence of wind without complications. The environmental friendly lighter allows you to enjoy a lifetime of inspiration and fun during smoking with its lifetime warranty.

Like all of our products, it's plastic-free, using recyclable plasma arc technology that lights up to 300 times on just a single charge. Meaning your gift will delight them twice- when they open it, and when they realize that like our BBQ torch lighter, it's eco-friendly.



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