The Stoner Guide To Buy Tesla Lighters

Tesla lighters are a new thing in the market, however many smokers are already acquainted with their usefulness. Their rapid spread in popularity isn't surprising, because when you Buy Tesla Lighters, you're investing in the most durable windproof lighters available, and with the added benefit of USB rechargeability and a lifetime warranty.

Bowls & Pipes: Orbit

Though most love this model because of its safety functions and cap, the Orbit is perfect for pipes and bowls and is housed in a discreet case. As it is a dual beam with a wide open, magnetic lid, you'll find it super easy to get your light into the bowl or pipe discreetly, since the crossover arc containment is horizontally placed at the top of the device. When you're looking to buy Tesla lighters, the Orbit is a great choice!

Rolled Smokes & Cigarettes: Fusion 

Having matches regularly for a smoke is old school, a single adverse weather condition loses your one chance. When you go to buy a windproof lighter, make it one that's totally rechargeable, using no annoying butane or wasteful plastic. This is a classic flip top lighter with a modern twist. Also available in custom engravings, if you're looking to buy Personalized Lighters in Bulk.

Everything Else: Beam Utility Lighter 

Though most who Buy Windproof Lighters like ours are smokers looking for an easier time during adverse wind conditions. However, the Beam Utility Lighter's uses span the whole home, starting inside at your favorite incense or candle, outside to the grill, and all the way on the road during camping. Plus, our rechargeable lighters are rechargeable and easy to use, which is great if you're looking for personalized lighters in bulk to advertise your smoke shop or other business with an endlessly useful product.


Get yourself the best, so you can go higher. All of our products are plasma based, and totally windproof, fast and rechargeable. Since all ELEKTRO Lighters are backed by our warranty, you'll never have to worry if it fails you. 



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