Tips for Using Dual Arc Lighters

Why are dual arc lighters becoming popular?

The dual arc lighters are eco-friendly, USB rechargeable lighters having a technology which replaces the regular flame with an electric arc. They can quickly light a cigarette, candles or used for other lighting purposes. These Electric Lighters Canada feature double arcs that provide double the power, unlike single arc lighters.

The electric lighters Canada operate on a quite simple principle. These USB rechargeable lighters send an electric current via the four electrodes. The current ionizes the air in between, and the electrodes form a double electric or plasma arc. The double arc is what gives the Dual Arc Lighters their high-intensity lighting power.

The plasma or electric arc may seem like small lighting; however, they can reach up to 900 degrees when  lit. You should, therefore, avoid touching it because like traditional lighters, it is a form of heat and can burn you. 

.How to use the arc lighters

  • Connect to power via USB to charge
  • Allow the lighter to charge
  • Remove the cable
  • Press the button to ignite
  • Quickly touch whatever you want to light to the plasma beams for ignition
  • Let go of the button to disconnect the electric arc

Why are the plasma lighters effective?

The effectiveness of plasma lighters as compared to traditional lighters is due to the following:

Windproof and waterproof

The electric arc lighter produces no flame. Wind activity will thus not affect the lighter and neither will water. You can, therefore, use it in any condition.

It is butane free

The lighter employs the use of electricity instead of butane as is in the case of regular lighters. Butane is known to be harmful to humans, so the plasma lighter replaces it in favor of a technologically advanced, effective, and futuristic way of lighting.

No plastic waste

Regular lighters are commonly made of disposable plastics. As a result, buying new lighters each time creates a potential environmental threat due to an increase in plastic waste. With the new electric lighters, you will not be disposing of them as you will simply be charging and using once the battery dies. This eliminates the plastic waste problem.

USB rechargeable

The fact that plasma lighters do not require fuel refill makes them more convenient. The plasma lighter has an inbuilt lithium battery that is rechargeable meaning; you can charge and use it as many times as you want. It comes with a USB port that allows you to charge the battery at your convenience, be it with a power outlet, or computer. A simple USB cord is used for that purpose.

You will never have to purchase another regular lighter upon experiencing the simplicity, innovativeness, and reliability that comes with our arc lighters. You can carry it anywhere you go due to their compact and small nature. Furthermore, you can use the lighter to light various items with no problems at all. Simply charge your electric lighter, and you are ready to go.

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