Prometheus gave Man fire, and then Elektron Lighters gave man… electric fire. These flameless lighters do everything a combustible fire source can do, and better. Without the worry of the fuel running dry, or an errant flame burning you or damaging your surroundings, these are the best flameless lighters on the market. When you look for Plasma Lighters Canada, start with Elektro Lighters.

There are several different styles of fuel-free igniting, but they all use innovative electric arc technology. Open electrodes at the tip of the lighters transmit currents back and forth across a small open space. The current is so intense that it produces a super-hot electric arc in the space. It's flameless, windproof, and more splash-proof if it rains. Instead of running out of combustible fuel, Elektro Lighters are rechargeable, like your phone or favorite vape. You can get up to 300 lights from a single charge! When I charge my vape and my phone, I just plug my Elektro Lighter in right beside it.

There are a lot of different styles to choose from. I like the ones that look like old-school Zippo lighters, and they're smaller than their ancestors, easy to fit in a clutch or pocket. The Gold Ingot lighter is my top choice because it looks like a Pirates of the Caribbean gold piece and makes a great gift. My other favorite in this style is the Fusion Spectrum. The metal looks like an oil slick, and it's futuristic and small enough to comfortably fit in my hand. Unlike the larger Zippos, I don't have to over-stretch my fingers to light and hold my piece. And, no contortions to keep from getting burned like I have from a traditional flame lighter. I love it!

My on-the-go Elektro Lighter is the Orbit Silver. It's slim enough to slide into a pocket of even the skinniest of jeans, charges fast (a little over an hour to fully charge) and easy to use. The top has a magnetic closure that just slides out of the way and doesn't obstruct the electronic arc no matter what I'm lighting. It's eco-friendly, easy to use, and super cool to show off to my friends.

Hands-down, the best invention ever from this line is the Beam Utility Barbecue Lighter. Before I bought one of these, I rarely grilled because the wind would blow out my lighter flame – even if I had it on high and tried to block it! I'm kind of a scardey-cat, too – I don't like being close to a 4-inch flame, especially with the wind blowing it. I didn't want to burn my hand! This lighter solved my issues entirely. It's flame-free, so nothing for an errant gust to blow out. It's easy to use and doesn't stick the way that traditional lighters do. I can light charcoal, start campfires, and even light candles in deep, skinny candle holders now. Plus, it's rechargeable just like the rest of the Elektro Lighter line, so I never have to worry about not having a light for my grill or for birthday cake candles.

Elektro Lighters makes the best flameless lighters I've used, and I've tried several. From rechargeable pocket-sized lights to take on the go to the very useful BBQ lighter, there's plenty to get excited about. Check these out online - there's plenty of styles to fit your individual taste.