What are Electric “Plasma” Beam Lighters And Why You Should Own One

The year is 2018, and plasma beam lighters have become very popular, which is a great thing for the planet! These lighters are unlike anything that has been used in the past that relied on some flammable fluids. They use lithium ion batteries in a simple but effective way to make lighting everything from candles to grills to cigarettes quick and easy.. In essence, the concept has worked since engineers have found a way of emulating the traditional lighter in an exquisite manner.

How They Work

All electronic arc lighters work on some basic scientific principles namely the generator, and a plasma ball. That principle is actually quite simple, a strong electric current generated between two prongs creates a plasma beam. The beam forms when ionized air flows between them creating a hot stream of plasma that can ignite materials. All you need to do is place the object to ignite in the arc. Since there is no flame created, there is no possibility of wind interference. It is as simple as clicking on a button, and it simply works. The only other thing that can affect its working is when the battery needs a recharge. In most cases, plasma beam lighters only need to charge once a day.

Are They Real?

We all are wary of fake news and gimmicks that are circulating over the internet. Plasma lighter are here in Canada and they are not a gimmick. In most cases, they work just fine and are a cool technology. Picking one for yourself is worthwhile, you might even surprise your friends and colleagues with it.


You cannot light a very large object, only an object the size of a cigarette can fit between the lighter's prongs. Since they use electricity, the gap between the two prongs is not very large to allow current to jump across the gap. Nonetheless, if all you want is light some papers, the plasma beam lighter is perfect.

Another disadvantage is the danger of electrocution. That is always a drawback when dealing with electricity, so please avoid direct skin contact with the arc. Also, don't touch the arc with a metallic object since it will electrocute you.


Everyone loves cool stuff, and the electronic arc lighter is just that! It is very amazing to have a device that creates a visible arc of electricity. It is, without doubt, a fantastic piece. What's more, it takes only about 30 minutes to recharge and is unaffected by winds or light showers.

Where to Buy and What to Buy

Elektro Lighters is by far the most reliable plasma lighters brand in Canada. There are many competing products, but none can match the innovation and reliability of our lighters. Elektro Lighters are also quite fashionable and come in a range of colors and designs. All our plasma lighters in Canada using the plasma beam lighter technology have been inspected for quality and compliance with the highest safety standards. In fact, you should be careful when buying plasma beam lighters since they contain lithium-ion batteries and it needs to be safe for use. You can get yours from the online store at an affordable price. All Elektro Lighters are beautiful and come at a moderate cost. You can use them to light most materials and are reliable, durable and fashionable. There is a variety of models to choose from; some are wooden bamboo while others metallic designs of different shapes.

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