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August 31, 2018

Take charge with an Elektro Lighter: Our rechargeable electric lighters require no butane, flame, and no hassle. You're free to carry them anywhere, anytime, and in any weather. Since All Elektro Lighters use no flame, they are not only windproof, but also reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly. Our lighters are simple but sleek, with elegant design and exclusive etched options. Save money and time when you buy the gift of lighters online, Canada!


Here are the trendiest electric lighters online that you can buy.


Double Arc or Quad Arc?

A double arc (four-electrode) lighter is fine for a cigarette smoker. It generates the much-needed heat over a small "x" shaped area. If you're a cigar or pipe smoker our quad arc lighter (four-electrode) provides a different arrangement for more coverage and a broader lighting area. The cylindrical electric candle lighter is specifically designed for versatility and with bowl or pipe smokers in mind.



These USB rechargeable dual arc lighters are revolutionary. They are designed to set anything ablaze instantly at any weather; wind and rain alike! Buying these electric lighters online are perfect for home and outdoor use. It has never been easier to light your favorite candles and incense, or even cigarettes with high precision effortlessly. The Fusion line comes with ultra-powerful lithium-ion battery in a zinc-alloy encasement and with an auto-off safety function. The features of this electric lighter online make it the most versatile lighter on the planet.

There's six styles of our Fusion, including Dark Matter, Gold, Spectrum, for example- as well as two etched styles, Pineapple Express and Starfox.


Buy this electric lighter online and meet the next step in lighter evolution. The Orbit Line is designed to allow you to light anything with ease and precision. They produce 900 degrees of clean and even heat from dual electric beams that won't blow out in the wind. These lighters have a cool and discrete shape and come with a power switch at the base making them child-proof.

They are designed in 4 distinct and trendy models, all in our discreet cylindrical container.


Each of the model comes in an exclusive and divergent color that perfectly match every outfit. Besides their classy and stylish look, these lighters can do everything the fusion lighters can do. So, if you are dressing for the occasion, ELEKTRO ORBIT is specifically designed for you. They come in a variety of exclusive colors to compliment any style.



Etched comes in two trendy styles: The Pineapple Express, and the Star Fox.



Pineapple Express is designed with precision both inside and outside. This electric candle lighter looks and feel great as it is super high on style. It is also easy to clean and to get a quick light.



Buy this electric lighter online and be sure to turn heads. This USB Rechargeable windproof electric candle lighter produces scorching hot dual-beam placed vertically atop the device for easy and quick use.



Light BBQ's are designed with a scorching single beam that produce 300 lights per charge and only takes 75 minutes to charge a powerful lithium-ion battery fully. For birthday cakes, beam Utility BBQ lighter has got your back! This Utility model ELEKTRO lighter comes in three trendy styles:

These single arch flameless lighters are stylish and cool gadgets that are uniquely designed to complete their job at lightning speed. These lighters definitely give you the most BANG for your buck and at a higher quality and class.

All ELEKTRO lighters are backed by a lifetime warranty.