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October 16, 2018

Scientists, researchers and lovers of nature have come together to explain the increasing rate of pollution across the world. There are hundreds of ways you and your family can decrease your waste, but when it comes to lighters, there hasn't been an innovation since the disposable plastic lighter from the 70's, that has never been recyclable. All these innovations have one goal which is; to reduce pollution and conserve the environment or whatever is left of it.

Our company avails you the plasma lighter that is a rechargeable USB lighter which is also windproof. This means once lit, it cannot be blown off by the wind as is the case with other lighters. To light it up, you only need to press the ignition button and let the science of it all happen. You will receive 900 degrees of heat which can easily light up anything. One of the biggest reasons to buy tesla lighter is because of its flexibility in that you can use it outside and inside the house. Most importantly it does not have butane which is harmful to the environment. Visit and a buy plasma lighter today.

The best part about the Eco-Friendly Plasma Lighter is the fact that it can light in any weather conditions whether it is raining, snowing or there is a glaring sun outside. Since its introduction to the market, numerous people have come out in support of this lighter. It is a clear indication that there was a need for a lighter that was energy saving and environmental friendly.

One of the models that we have is the fusion model which has a lithium ion battery enclosed in a case. It is easy to clean and takes 75 minutes to charge. The lighter is designed with the dual beam at the top of the device in a vertical position, making it easy to light. It also has the auto-off function which ensures the arc stops after five seconds. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

The other model is the orbit which has a cylindrical shape and is fitted with two LED lights with one indicating it's charging the other showing if the power is on. This lighter is also child proof thanks to a power switch at the bottom of the lighter. Once it's fully charged, it can give you up to 300 lights. This too is easy to clean and maintain and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Having an electric lighter means you can travel with it even on a plane. Although you will not be allowed to have it on the hand carrier bag, you can put it in the luggage. Those that are USB charged can be recharged in an hour. It is advisable to have rubber that will protect the nodes as you travel with your lighter. You can choose any design that you want and the color that you wish the lighter to be. If you are looking for where To buy plasma lighter, do not look any further. Visit our online store today by getting yourself a stylish electric lighter at an affordable fee.