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November 09, 2018

When you Buy Lighters Online Canada, you want to do your research. We've asked our customers to submit reviews and feedback on our products. We were delighted with most of the results and decided to share them here so you can make an informed decision on the best fireplace torch lighter on the market.

From the Fusion's classic lighter exterior to the Orbit's subtle and discreet shape, to the best barbecue lighter in our Beam Utility Lighter, here's some of our customer reviews:

From Vincent via Facebook after purchasing our fireplace torch lighter, the Beam, at the Canadian National Expo:

"I just bought this at the CNE and it works perfectly. I can use it for my candles and to ignite my Dove Pan for my Harry Potter Magic Shows. It works perfectly and I never have to worry about my lighter running out of fuel. One of the best new inventions I have come across. Highly recommended!
Yours truly, Magical Entertainer Vincent!"


From Luiz when he went to buy lighters online, Canada:

"I was the first customer and I love it. Good quality and life guarantee! I recommend it for sure!!!"


From Stephanie via Facebook after purchasing our best barbecue lighter, the Beam, at the Canadian National Expo:

"We bought 3 of these lighters at the cne and they work amazingly and are interested in the bbq lighter version we saw at the cne however can't seem to find it on the website  but honestly this lighter is great and would definitely recommend it!"


Thanks for your reviews! We look forward to hearing more customer reviews!