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October 10, 2018

A recent report indicates that people around the world throw away more than 500 million disposable lighters annually. These lighters are non-recyclable and contain dangerous chemicals which are potential environmental hazards. It's part of why we believe so strongly in our electric windproof lighter that eliminates the adverse effects of the wasteful disposable lighters.

Our electric windproof lighter requires only sixty to seventy-five minutes of charging to light up to 300 times. The windproof feature makes it reliable in all weather conditions windy or not. The electric lighter is also free from the flames, hassle, and has no butane. What makes the lighter even more exciting and the perfect choice is the fact that its rechargeable. The fact that you can recharge it over and over for a very long time gives you value for your money.

The black electric lighter comes in a stylish and minimalist design that feels great to use. It is a perfect choice for fashionable individuals. This lighter can be used to light cigars or cigarettes, indoor/outdoor emergency as well as in camping. It is a nice way to display your sense of taste when you are at the bar or with friends playing cards in casinos. This black electric lighter is manufactured with a high-tech zinc-alloy encasement which is black and provides a premium look and feels. The lighter is very safe which has been made possible due to the flameless technology hence it cannot blow up or cause any potential damage to you.

Electric lighters that are windproof, as well as flameless, are the futuristic lighters because they are eco-friendly and do not carry any risk. Everyone is encouraged to have a lighter with them at all times irrespective of whether they smoke or not. Having a lighter around the house or in your pocket gives you solves all your lighting problems. These electric lighters are affordable around Canada, and you can purchase them on retail and wholesale. Elektro Wholesale Lighters Canada are your number one choice of suppliers for all your electric windproof lighter solutions.

You can also buy them through our online market store do not have to hide in a corner to light your cigarette anymore just because the flame can be blown out by wind. Choose the Windproof Electric Lighter or the Black Electric Lighter from Wholesale Lighters Canada, and enjoy the freedom that is associated with these unique and stylish windproof lighters. Once you buy your lighter, you also get a USB to charge it from a computer or an AC adapter. All our products come with lifetime warranty to guarantee you reliability and durability.