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Electric lighters function without the use of any fuel. The current models of Elektro Lighters use electric arc technology. Open electrodes transmit currents so intense that a super-hot electric arc materialises between the exposed electrodes. They are rechargeable, flameless, windproof and splash resistant.

Splash resistant and waterproof are two different things. Elektro Lighters can withstand some rain drops, splashes, etc., in the sense that it doesn't have a wick or flint traditional lighters have which compromise the use of your lighter when wet. The electrodes on the Elektro Lighter are quick drying and can be wiped dry. These lighters are NOT waterproof and CANNOT be submerged in water.

You should get up to 300 lights out of one charge. Results will vary depending on individual use i.e. how long you hold the ignition button on.  

If the lighter isn't igniting you likely have one of two issues:


Check to be sure your lighter has enough of a charge. If the LED light isn't going on, you likely need to charge your lighter.

The electrodes may need a cleaning. Simply use a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol to wipe clean the electrodes and surrounding area. The lighter MUST be completely dry before you start using it again.


If you've tried the suggestions above and still are having issues, reach out to us at SUPPORT@ELEKTROLIGHTERS.COM - if you've registered your warranty and have yet to use it, we'll start the process to get you a new one.

Each Elektro Lighter is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers your lighter for a one-time replacement guarantee should your lighter stop working.


To be eligible for this warranty you must register your product within 30-days of purchase. If the item was purchased as a gift, the purchaser can set the warranty up for the recipient by registering the model purchased along with the recipient's name, address, phone number and email along with proof of purchase.  


To redeem the warranty, simply send a request to SUPPORT@ELEKTROLIGHTERS.COM. Elektro Lighters will require you to return the compromised lighter in order to receive a new one.

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Orders and Payments

Our team will let you know within 48 hours of your purchase if your item is on back-order or not. We do our best to ensure customers will know whether a product is in stock or not through the website but sometimes orders come in faster than we can update the site.

All orders will receive an automatic confirmation of the purchase via email within 30 minutes of placing the order. Check your spam/junk folder to be sure it didn't get trapped in there. If you still cannot find your confirmation, just email us at SUPPORT@ELEKTROLIGHTERS.COM

We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly fill and ship orders. If you've made an error and would like to change your order contact us immediately and we'll let you know what we can do. Contact us at SUPPORT@ELEKTROLIGHTERS.COM.

Yes, 100% secure. Elektro Lighters processes all transactions through Moneris Solutions via our 256bit SSL encryption. Our E-Commerce shopping platform is also PCI DSS compliant.  Please contact us if you have any questions about the security of our website or merchant gateway.

Elektro Lighters in their original condition purchased from WWW.ELEKTROLIGHTERS.COM can be returned within 30-days of the purchase date for a refund. The purchaser is responsible for shipping the item back to Elektro Lighters along with proof of purchase before the return is processed. The refund will be processed to the same payment method used at the time of purchase minus the initial shipping costs to a maximum of $5.00 CAD. Here are the steps for making a return:


Yes! We have competitive pricing on our lighters and would love to work with you! Simply follow this LINK to get started with setting up a wholesale account.